We finally got in to see my son’s new doctor today….a wonderful and kind pediatric gastroenterologist in Birmingham named Dr. King.  Here is the sheet I gave him when we first met:

I figured it would be easier to just SHOW the doctor the problem instead of just rattling off a list of all the things he eats, drinks and poops.

I think he appreciated my directness.

He wanted to do blood work on my son immediately….but since I didn’t have four grown men with me on this trip, I told him anything involving a needle would have to wait until we can get a sedative for my son and some Valium for me.  He agreed, and we will be doing a TON of tests on my son at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham in the next couple of weeks.

Here are the tests:

Liver Function Panel (Albumin;Alkaline Phosphatase;Direct, Indirect and Total Bilirubin, AST;ALT;Total Protein, CBC with Differential and Platelets, Sedimentation Rate (ESR), T4, TSH, GGTP, CRP, Prometheus IBD diagnostic Serology 7 (Includes 7 tests: ASCA, IgA,ASCA IgG, Anti-OmpC IgA, Anti-CBirl, ANCA ELISA, IFA perinuclear pattern, IFA DNase sensitivity) Prometheus Crohn’s Prognostic if IBD Serology 7 indicates Crohn’s Disease), IGA, Celiac Disease Panel and a Marker study with 12 radio opaque markers prior to an x-ray.  He also has to have an abdominal ultrasound and HIDA scan all at Children’s hospital.

For one of the tests, he will have to have an IV while they are doing the test.  THAT is going to be damn near impossible, so I requested that they give him a sedative (all the more reason they want to do the testing at Children’s)

My poor boy is pounding down the chicken nuggets because his body isn’t absorbing the nutrients….it is passing right through him. He eats an entire bag of chicken nuggets per day and he is excessively thirsty.  His poops are greasy, large and foul smelling…and the pale color of his poops indicate that his liver isn’t producing enough bile to help break down the food and absorbing the nutrients. His poops are pale yellow…and for years I’ve been told that he has “yeast overgrowth” because of the autism. So, we almost constantly have him on diflucan for yeast overgrowth….it does almost nothing to help.

For years, his liver has not been functioning properly and doctor after doctor has written all of this off because he has autism.

It pisses me off.

My boy has something seriously and potentially deadly going on in his body and because he has been diagnosed with autism, somehow it doesn’t matter to the damn doctors.

Thank God for Dr. King….and I hope that we can get to the bottom of what is happening to my boy and that we can fix it.  He has suffered long enough.

I pray that the guilt I feel for not doing something about this sooner won’t consume me.

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One Response to Testing

  1. Shannon Brunson says:

    Sounds like it went well. It as always nice to have someone who listens. I am getting together all my info right now. I did not think about a food list. Thanks for the idea. I’ll give you a call later when we get finished and we can compare notes.

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