Goals are Important – Learned that in Rehab

I've always been a fast healer....of course, I believe in Jesus....so....

I haven’t really been in rehab….I just like that particular quote from the movie “Captain Ron.”

It is true, though….Goals are important.  Which is why I now have a Facebook fanpage for the blog.  You see, I have a goal.  My goal is to make a little pocket change to feed my sweet children (insert picture of dirty, big-eyed children holding their hands out while Sally Strothers stands pouting in the background.)

Seriously….my kids are well-fed, but I would like to turn This Southern Blog into book form at one point or another.  Hopefully sooner than later, because I owe the IRS back taxes from 2009.  Word of advice: don’t ever make a single DOLLAR and forget to report it on your taxes…..the IRS is watching every move you make.  Big Sister needs to get paid….it doesn’t matter if you ran a Kosher hot dog stand, or sold bootleg VHS copies of “Song of the South” out of the trunk of your car…..they know….and they will come after you eventually.  In fact, they wait until you are absolutely broke, with no possibility of paying them back without charging you interest.  It’s a fact.

Money isn’t the only reason, though.  I just want keep doing what I love the most: complaining.  Who wouldn’t want that? And if I can publish a book, I get more “street cred”….if I have more “street cred” – the more the book will sell and I can make it on the Today Show to meet Matt Lauer.

Anyway, you guys could help me out a lot…..go to https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/This-Southern-Blog/330155960330339

and like the fanpage.  I promise not to clog up your Facebook news feeds with random garbage.  Heck, I may even post a video blog every now and then…..and if I get more than 100 fans before Christmas…..I promise to do something very interesting.  Maybe I’ll even make up some “This Southern Blog” beer koozies or something like that.  I don’t know.

But, if you like the blog….and want to see this book thing happen, help a girl out!  Leave a comment on the fan page, send me an email or whatever…..I love to hear from MOST of you.  I don’t like to hear from spammers in Afghanistan.  I cannot read nor understand Arabic. Sorry.

Oh….and if you have been followers of the blog in the past, you know that I can get on a pretty high horse about vaccines.  I’m telling you right now that there will be no more of that.  I’ve said what I had to say on the topic, and now I’m done.  I don’t want to end up in Gitmo, thank you very much.  So much for free speech.

Anyway, that’s all….I hope you will join me in my quest for a book deal, and I hope to see all of your sweet, smiling faces on the fansite!

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