As I go through our house doing small repairs and a few much needed cosmetic updates, I’m constantly trying to get a sense of who the owner was…..and how the hell she managed to let this house become so neglected.

I’ve come to the conclusion (in my own mind) that the owner was old and tired.  I even have a theory that she fell down the stairs one too many times and decided to close off the upstairs completely.  There is evidence that she may have made the dining room her bedroom and just lived her last few years alone in the house downstairs. Since everything was sealed off with duct tape and some plastic here and there upstairs, I think she thought it would be easier and more economical to just live downstairs.  Not a bad idea, actually…..if you live alone and you’re in your 90s. 

At one time though…she did live upstairs and her taste in decorating was horrible.  The ENTIRE upstairs (I’m talking doors, trim, closets, doorknobs and outlets) was painted a horrible light blue color.  It was annoying for me to be the one to have to paint over all of that blue, but I did it…..and it looks a lot better now.  The one thing I don’t understand is WHY everything was blue….and I also wonder who in the WORLD she hired to do the job. 

I think she got a younger relative (perhaps a grandson) to do it for her because no professional painter…..or even someone who gives a damn about a house would do such a crappy job.

Here is an example:

Who would do such a thing?  WHY would anyone do such a sloppy job painting a french door?  In any case….whether it was just laziness, stupidity, or a teenager who didn’t want to do the job in the first place…..I’m the one who has to clean it up….because I can’t stand how it looks.

I’ve found that a butter knife, a sock and an old EBT card will scrape most of the baked-on paint off the windows.  I’ve got a can of “Goof-Off” I’ve been using, but if any of you readers know of a better product I can use to remove paint from glass…..feel free to let me know….because it’s taken me four hours to scrape the paint off of 6 panes of window glass, and I have 3 more doors to do….

Hopefully I won’t be scraping paint until August..but at the rate I’m going, it could very well take that long.  It’s also a very messy and time consuming job.

When I get old and feeble, remind be not to hire my grandchildren to do any painting for me.

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One Response to Scrape….Scrape…..Scrape

  1. Callie says:

    Now you’re in MY territory! Welcome to Callie’s world–Old House Central. You need a razor blade scraper for those windows. A lot of painters paint that way on purpose because it’s pretty easy to scrape off with a razor blade afterwards–of course that’s if you scrape before the paint cures. Still, a razor blade tool will be MUCH easier than the make-shift items you’ve tried, I promise! Glad you’re enjoying the country thus far!

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