Wooden Indians, Moving, and Whatnot…..

Okay, so I’ve been driving my BMW a lot lately…..Bitch, Moan, Whine.  I am sitting in the middle of the living room, in the house that I hate….looking at piles of laundry that I can’t do because my dryer is broken…..and crap that I can’t pack, because I don’t have any moving boxes.  There is a solution to every problem, though….I’m watching the Extreme Hoarders marathon on TV and my house seems oddly clean.  But I got sick of looking at all of this hard work waiting on me, so hubby and I went on a road trip today. We decided to explore the area where we are moving…and I have to say, that it feels like home.  I haven’t felt at home in a particular place since I lived in Georgia…and that was 7 years ago.  We are moving to an area near the lake that’s called “Cherokee Bluffs” …..which I’m just going to go ahead and claim that as the reason I feel at home, since I am part Cherokee.  I’m actually less than 1/16 Cherokee…but still.

As we drove around today, taking in the lake scenery…I felt calm, comfortable and totally at ease.  That is a very rare thing for me.

In exactly one month, we will be leaving this house that’s too hard to clean, too expensive to heat and cool, and too far out in the middle of nowhere…..it is also too infested with bugs and mice, water damage, broken windowpanes that are taped with duct-tape, and a host of other problems I will be glad to be rid of.  Did I mention that we rent?  Yeah, this is serious “tenement landlord issues” – I hope the next renters are more aware than we were about what they are getting in to.

We are moving to a brand-new, smaller house closer to civilization, closer to my son’s school, closer to my stepdaughter (we’ve only been able to make it to ONE of her softball games this year) and closer to a lifestyle that I never considered…..we will be lake people.

I’ve been to the lake many times in my childhood, but last Saturday was the first time since 1988 that I’d been swimming in the lake…..the last time was at girl scout summer camp when I was 11.  I’d gotten a nosebleed the first day of camp, and was the first member of my troop to visit the infirmary….go me.  I got a badge for it, though….for the swimming, not for the nosebleed.  When I was much younger than 11, my family used to go to a place called “Kowliga” – you might remember the old Hank Williams song about the wooden indian that stood guard at the old place before it burned to the ground in the late 90′s.  That indian scared me to death.

The old indian at Kowliga....and a source of many childhood nightmares.









Anyway…..I’d never considered moving to the lake before…..mostly because I thought it was for the wealthy folks.  But, it’s lucky for us that the economy still sucks.  What was once a booming vacation home business is now a “uh-oh…we can’t rent our house for the summer because folks can’t afford to go on vacation anymore” type-deal.  So, here we are….and we will be glad to be there.

We’ve also inspired my mom to move nearby.  She’s found a nice place right on the lake….I mean, you can literally step outside her door and jump in the water. Here’s her swanky new pad:

If I didn't have kids, I would have out-bid you on this, mom.....








I see myself.....with an umbrella drink and a book.....right about here.









I know where I will be when I need a “mommy break”  I just have to get a decent bathing suit first….and I want this one……like, right now:

I'll wear the shoes and a big flower in my hair too....don't think I won't!










So, yeah….here we go.  Another adventure….another move…..another chapter in the old life.  I’m excited, but dreading it at the same time.  I’ll be glad to actually see people again.  I’ll be glad to be closer to my family. I’ll be glad to be near a sizeable body of water, even in the Winter.

I am packing as fast as I can…..with Extreme Hoarders on the DVR.



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