Beauty is only skin deep:-)

I should have known better.

Against my better judgement, I entered my daughter into a beauty contest….not only because I think she’s beautiful, but I thought it would be a fun mother-daughter bonding opportunity…since much of my time is usually focused on my son, who has autism. I thought it would be a great way to get all dressed up (including fancy shoes….my kid loves the hell out of some shoes) and meet new friends, make memories, and raise money for charity.

I was dead wrong.

My daughter threw a royal fit from the time we left the house….to the end of the pageant. She threw a kicking, crying, screaming fit onstage…and I was completely mortified….but all I could do was smile and drag her little screaming diva butt around until we could finally be offstage. Then, for the crowning…I knew we weren’t going to win anything….and I refused to pay extra money for her to be judged on the side categories like best smile, or prettiest hair…total crock of shit. What do those awards really mean? They mean that your kid is not as pretty or graceful as you think they are, but we will draw a name out of a hat and see which of the brats get a condolence prize. That’s what it means.
After I knew we weren’t in the running because of my daughter’s bad attitude, I relaxed a little and tried to make small talk with the other mommies. That was also an epic failure. Friendliness is not acceptable behavior, apparently….so my compliments were neither regarded or returned.
It was then that I realized….My daughter and I were there to try and have fun, and to see if pagentry would be something she liked. It didn’t take me long to realize we may have been the only ones there for that reason. Many of the other moms were there to force their kids to compete in a beauty pageant that the parent would never have won in a million years! It’s living vicariously through your beautiful child, when you look like a truck stop waitress. All of the moms are not like that, though….I have a sweet friend and her daughter who were at the pageant to help out and do crownings… and they really do enjoy going to pageants
together. They make it look fun and sweet. Big Mamma trailer park and her twins Bentley and
Porche standing across the room are not interested in having fun. They are there to win crowns and money…not to chit-chat, smile and be pleasant.
My daughter most certainly had the prettiest dress, prettiest eyes, prettiest hair….but she did not have the prettiest attitude. Which makes me realize….she did not have fun in the least. She did not like getting dressed up and paraded around like a prized pig. She did manage to get a crown and a bag of princess goodies, and we promptly left when we were done. I know now that I will never enter her in another pageant against her will. I don’t need a panel of judges to tell me my baby is beautiful. I already know she is.
If she wants to enter another pageant someday, I will let her….but when she’s much older. Next, we’re going to try dance lessons. I know she will enjoy dancing much better than pageantry. Maybe she’s a little more like her old mom that I thought:-)

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