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I have done more today than I’ve done all week, it seems.  I guess eating right gives you energy after all.  Mom was right! Shoulda listened.

Anyhoo, I did a lot today.  I chopped veggies to make a new soup recipe I’ve been wanting to try…..and of course, going by my new rule of ”make a meal, freeze a meal”  I made double the recipe.  At this point, I have enough chopped vegetables to make the Jolly Green Giant happy for a couple of weeks.  I even used the veggie peels and whatnot from the last few days to make an awesome vegetable soup stock:







In to the freezer, it went.  Also, the vegetables I used to make the stock will go right into the old compost pile for next year’s hypothetical tomato plants.  I don’t have much of a green thumb, so we will see…

After I prepared the Tomato-Basil Parmesan soup for tonight’s dinner (had to cook for several hours)  I went to work making my baby girl a pillow “pallet” … We have hardwood floors, and it’s not comfy at all to watch Veggie Tales while her little bottom falls asleep, so I broke out the sewing machine to make her something more comfortable to lay on.

I saw the idea on Pinterest, but the link was broken……so I had to wing it with no pattern.  It turned out pretty good:

























I think she likes it:-)  I should warn her though, her dad likes it too.  I leave the room and come back to find him like this:








Guess I’ll have to make everybody one.  It’s really just three pillowcases sewn together…..only I didn’t have three cute pillowcases, so I had to make the pillowcases out of old receiving blankets first, then I sewed the whole thing together.  Genius, really. Not me, just the whole idea of sewing pillowcases together for a comfy place to lay around and watch movies:-)

After I finished sewing, I had to play with my little one for a bit and then check the soup…….and let me just say……this is the MOST delicious soup I’ve ever eaten!  I will include the link below to the recipe.  It is delicious!! My little girl even ate TWO bowls of it….way to feed her the veggies! Whoot!







Tomato-Basil Creamy Parmesan Yummy goodness!

With soup this good, you need good bread to go with it.  Well, it was getting close to 3 p.m. and bread dough has to rise…..twice.  Soooo…..I got online and found that if I made pizza dough, I could have it ready by dinnertime.  Thank you, Martha Stewart.  Easy peasy garlic  knots:



















After you make and bake the rolls, you COAT these little gems in a bowl of garlic and BUTTER…just like the Italian restaurants do.  YUMMY!!!

Anyway, here is a pic of dinner: (I know, right? You’re dying to know what I had for dinner! Just bear with me…..I’m suffering from a little writer’s block lately and these how-to blog posts are all I can think of at the moment)







So, to try the projects I did today…..head to Pinterest and look for: Bed in a Bag….or go here:


(you can buy it here on the UK site, but I recommend sewing them on your own because they are super easy!)

Tomato Basil Parmesean Soup….to DIE FOR!


Martha Stewart.com has the recipe for the Garlic knots here:


If you want to find a husband who will fall asleep in your baby daughter’s new pillow “pallet” – sorry, you can’t have mine:-)

But you could try:


Good luck!!!! and Happy Homemaking!!!



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